Bagasse Handling

PraMognya Engineered Bagasse Handling System, delivers higher efficiency in conveying this lighter material, and also ensures the capital investment and operational investment for  conveying a ton of  bagasse is economical by optimizing the layouts as per the requirement of the available space and using the energy efficient  and reliable components based on different duty conditions.

There is no requirement of liners for this application. This will lower the capital and maintenance costs. Being a light material higher belt widths are required and dust hood required to prevent air born dust spreading in to surroundings. To control air born dust conveying speeds shall be restricted to 1 m/sec.

PraMognya Engineered Integrated bagasse handling system along with the specially designed chutes will allow the dust to settle in the chutes itself, This will improves reliability in the system, by preventing the dust spreading in the plant, fire accidents and brake down of the equipments because of the bagasse dust.